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  • Sanwicoffee Cafetería photo
  • Sanwicoffee Cafetería photo
  • Sanwicoffee Cafetería photo
  • Sanwicoffee Cafetería photo
  • Sanwicoffee Cafetería photo
  • Sanwicoffee Cafetería photo


Featured: -1st Prize in the “Free” category of the XVI Pintxo Txapelketa in Bilbao-Bizkaia in 2013. -Prize in the “Innovation” category of the IX Euskal Herria Pintxos Championship in 2014. -Celebration of the Film Premiere Party in Bilbao of «Spectre».

Speciality: Cosmopolitan restaurant specializing in the preparation of quality sandwiches and preparations of traditional, unique and original coffees. The Sandwich-Carte range and the Sandwich-Bar range. The first, with an innovative offer worthy of the best gourmet. Generous, made at the moment to taste them at their point, we find them in the letter-menu. The Sandwich-Bar range brings together hot and cold sandwiches from the bar area, offering the chef’s daily inspirations.

We offer: A new area of ​​exclusivity for those looking to take a break or take a break from their hectic daily rhythm.

Known for: The best quality in raw material. The preparation of the sandwiches is subject to the healthy parameters of the Mediterranean diet; designed and baked in our own workshop for a meticulous quality control.

In three words: The Very Best Stopover.


Plaza Euskadi, Ramón Rubial, 4 (Bilbao)




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