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Featured: Chosen in the “lonely planet” guide and recommended in “el comidista”

Speciality: Tavern with tradition in the 7 streets, specializing in sandwiches made from natural products.

We offer: Variety of wines and beers. Skewers and traditional sandwiches: tuna in oil and marinade, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, ham, chorizo… Iberian rations, chorizo ​​with cider or cheese.

Essential: Try our sandwiches or the “Alegría Riojana” to spice things up

Known for: The authentic taste of Bilbao, operating for more than 90 years.

In three words: The authentic taste of Bilbao.


Artecalle, 35 (Bilbao)

94 404 72 38


We are here

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