• Jai Park Kiroalde Cafetería photo
  • Jai Park Kiroalde Cafetería photo
  • Jai Park Kiroalde Cafetería photo
  • Jai Park Kiroalde Cafetería photo


Speciality: Jai park offers more than 500 square meters of leisure for the little ones and a cafeteria service, with snacks also for the parents.

We offer: Cafeteria open daily from 08:30. Jai children’s park open from Tuesday to Sunday from 5 to 9:30 p.m. with three different areas so that children can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Snacks are also made on request, for adults and children.

In three words: The best place to celebrate children’s birthdays.


Gabriel Aresti, 22 (Txurdinaga) (Bilbao)

94 459 70 70



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