• Krunch Max Ocio Restaurante photo
  • Krunch Max Ocio Restaurante photo
  • Krunch Max Ocio Restaurante photo
  • Krunch Max Ocio Restaurante photo
  • Krunch Max Ocio Restaurante photo


Featured: The Krunch concept was born in 1992 and is clearly summarized in its motto “Haute cuisine among breads”, our premises recreate the atmosphere of Central European restaurants thanks to their careful decoration, which immerses us in a unique atmosphere that is especially welcoming, the idea is so well received that it soon spread throughout our region, becoming prominent among the large chains in the sector.

Speciality: Central European-style themed restaurant, specializing in traditional and signature sandwiches made with freshly baked bread, as well as national and international beers.

We offer: In our menu appetizers, salads, desserts, cocktails and a wide range of coffees, chocolates and special infusions.

Essential: Try Karen and Klaus’ suggestions, new seasonal products on the menu.

Known for: The quality of our specialties in sandwiches, sandwiches and hamburgers made with freshly baked bread, the secret of the bread that our customers like so much lies in the fact that we have our own workshop, all varieties of bread, from the traditional baguette to our sliced ​​bread , going through rustic or round, are distributed daily to our premises.

In three words: Haute cuisine between breads.


Barrio Kareaga, S01 Y 02, Centro Comercial Max Ocio (Barakaldo)




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