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Discover Orduña, the only mediaeval town in the historic territory of Biscay.

Orduña, 40 km from Bilbao, is singular due to its important role in the economic history of the Señorío (Lordship) of Biscay as the only mediaeval town in the historic territory.

Useful information
Tourism Office Foru Plaza, 3-bajo
48460 Urduña/Orduña
Tfno/Fax: 945 38 43 84
Guided visits Guided visits around the historic – monumental centre of Orduña

Saturdays: starting from the Tourism Office. Advance reservation necessary, limited places, groups not admitted. Also à la carte visits (advance reservation necessary).
Reserve at: http://atezabal.com/

Festivities The ‘OchoMayos’– the main days are 7, 8, 9 and 14 May

Tourist attractions: what to see in Orduña

1. Historic centre

From the outskirts of Orduña you can see the parish church of Santa María de la Asunción, built in the Gothic style in the 15th century.

This church was part of the defensive walls of the town, which is why the building is now one of the most singular Gothic examples in Biscay.

Exploring Orduña leads you to a picture-postcard mediaeval urban layout. The town centre consists of a large square (Foru Plaza) where the town hall is located, the Baroque church of San Juan and the Palacios de Mimenza, among others. Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles come together here, and the starting point for a series of narrow stony streets that take you back to the mediaeval era.

2. Sanctuary of nuestra señora de la antigua

Visiting the peak of Mount ‘Txarlazo’ is something you should do if you come to Orduña. that is where you will find the monument to Nuestra Señora (Our Lady) de la Antigua, the patron saint of Orduña.

3. The viewpoint over the Salto del Nervión

Not everything in Orduña is history and architecture, Nature is another of the great attractions of this small town in Biscay.

The river Nervión flows through it down to the city of Bilbao, and its source is close to the mountain pass of Orduña. The Fromika Gorge is a starting point for a beautiful trekking route that ends up in a 270-metre-high waterfall called Salto del Nervión.

The best place to view this spectacular waterfall is the Mirador (viewpoint) of the Nervión on the mountain pass of Orduña; the views will take your breath away. You can also enjoy this natural phenomenon by taking a 7-kilometre route through the gorge.

How to get there

Reaching the Salto del Nervión is quite easy as access to this natural paradise is well signposted. Go up to the mountain pass of Orduña along the A2625 road from Orduña to Miranda de Ebro and you will find a car park at the top. There are three areas where you can leave your car near the Salto del Nervión. from there you walk along a track for about an hour until you reach the viewpoint.

4. Activities in a natural setting

As well as the spectacular Salto del Nervión and the Fromika gorge, Orduña offers other options to enjoy nature to the full. The best-known trekking routes go up to the peaks of  Txarlazo, (927 metres above sea level) and El Tologorri (a bit higher at 1068 metres).

Birdwatching can be done from these two peaks, observing species such as the griffon vulture, the Egyptian vulture or the Peregrine Falcon. The area is one of the best in Euskadi for birdwatching.

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