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  • Bilbao Hostel photo
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  • Bilbao Hostel photo
  • Bilbao Hostel photo
  • Bilbao Hostel photo
  • Bilbao Hostel photo
  • Bilbao Hostel photo
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  • Bilbao Hostel photo


Speciality: The largest and most comfortable hostel in the city. Well located, 10 minutes from the center of Bilbao by public transport and 25 minutes by car from the beach. Easily connected to the airport, the rest of Euskadi and Cantabria. Located on a 22,000 m2 estate, landscaped and with a sports area.

We offer: Single rooms with or without private bathroom. Quadruple rooms with private bathroom. Shared rooms for 4 or 6 people with shared bathroom. Comfortable beds and bunks. Including sheets and duvets.

Indispensable: Discover Bilbao: A city that has been transforming in recent decades, full of life, attractions and activities at your disposal, not to mention the kindness of its people and the high level of quality that its services offer. From the Bilbao Hostel you will feel that you dominate the New Greater Bilbao that unfolds before you and that wants to meet you. From the Guggenheim to the Old Town, from the Portugalete Bridge to the Begoña Basilica, passing through the enjoyment of the pleasures of Basque gastronomy that in Bilbao take on their maximum splendor…

Known for: Rooms and Spaces. We give you any space you need Breakfast and Lunch. We cook with you in mind. Private and free parking.

In three words: The watchtower of Bilbao.


  • "Safe accommodation" accreditation
  • Suitable for people with limited mobility
  • Heating
  • Breakfast
  • Continental breakfast
  • Family rooms
  • Rooms for non-smokers
  • Tourist information
  • Garden
  • Vending machine
  • Menus for allergy and intolerance sufferers
  • Car park
  • No smoking establishment
  • 24-hour reception
  • Restaurant
  • Meeting rooms
  • Wifi


Ctra. Basurto-Kastresana, 70 (Bilbao)




We are here

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