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  • Bizkaiko Tortilla Kopa 2023 Finalist (the best Spanish omelettes in Biscay)
  • Prize “Imagen de un campeonato“ (Picture of a Championship) at the pintxo championship of Euskadi and Navarre
  • 2021 Pintxo Champion of Biscay
  • Finalist 2023 Best Spanish omelette in Spain
  • Vegan Pintxo Competition of the Old Town: 1st prize in 2022 – People’s choice award in 2023
  • 1st Prize 2022 Fashion Zazpi Kaleak Competition
  • 1st Prize 2022 Bakalao Zazpi Kaleak Competition
  • 3 Eguzkilore

Speciality: Pintxos and à la carte dishes

We Offer: A very extensive pintxos bar with a well-matched wine cellar and outdoor dining in the Plaza Nueva in Bilbao

Don’t miss: Our calamari, Spanish omelette, hake cheeks, foie gras or our pork cheek platter

Known For: Having some of the best pintxos in Bilbao

In Three Words: Variety, quality and innovation



Plaza Nueva 12 (Bilbao)




We are here

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