Mediaeval market of Balmaseda photo

The mediaeval market of Balmaseda is one of the best- known in Spain. Over two days the town recovers the flavour of the purest Mediaeval traditions when it turns into an authentic film set.
There are many things that will surprise you: the high level of participation of the local people, the way in which town transforms itself and the variety of activities and spectacles make the market a singular event.

The first Mediaeval Market of Balmaseda was held in 1999 to coincide with the commemoration of the Eighth Centenary of the Declaration of Balmaseda as a Villa (locality with a charter), the first one in the Señorío (dominion) of Biscay in 1199.
The way it is set up makes it one of the most visited mediaeval markets, and it has become a milestone in the range of cultural events in the Basque Country.

As you walk through the streets of the Historic Quarter of Balmaseda it is easy to feel you are going back in time. Banners hang from balconies, the streets are covered in straw and at the weekend Balmaseda becomes a real mediaeval town with the usual commercial activity.
There are parades, musicians, jugglers, showmen and tightrope walkers. Balmaseda celebrates its Mediaeval Market throughout the Historic Quarter, the heart of the event being in Plaza de San Severino.
In the square you find artisans working on their raw materials, showing the public how to create leather, wood or glass articles, sweets and perfumes and medicinal herbs.
If all this does not seem enough for you, well, you can also enjoy night-time performances where spectacle and fire are the stars.

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