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Zalla, located in the Enkarterri area on the banks of the river Kadagua, is well known for conserving and promoting traditional products from the area such as the ‘cebolla morada’ (purple onion) and txakoli (a spritzy white wine from vineyards near the Basque coast).

Useful information:

Tourism Office Enkartur Tel.: 946 802 976 / email: info@enkartur.net
Guided visits Zalla Tel.: 946 670 950 / email: turismo@zalla.org

What is there to see in Zalla?

After visiting the centre of this picturesque town, take a stroll and enjoy the landscape with its pleasant caseríos (traditional Basque farmhouses) or visit the wineries where txakoli is made.

We recommend that you start with a visit to the Palacio de Murga, a 17th -century mansion which is now the Town Hall. It is famous for its cast-iron balconies and the coat of arms that presides the façade.

San Pedro de Zarikete

This chapel, located on the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James), became famous for the powers attributed to it against witches’ curses: according to the legend, in order to get rid of the witches’ influence you had to visit the chapel on the patron saint’s day along one path and return along another.

There are many rites and legends associated with this chapel, such as the one still commemorated every year on August 1st that involves walking round the outside of the chapel and passing through its two doors to protect yourself from the curses.

It can be visited together with the patron saint’s church and the fountain used by pilgrims, before continuing with a stroll through the neighbourhoods of Zalla.

Barrio de La Herrera – Ibarra

This rural site, which can be visited both on foot or on horseback, has a fine monumental heritage consisting of the Torre de Terreros (the best conserved tower-house in Enkarterri), the Palacio Urrutia and the chapel of San Antonio de la Mella (an example of a private funeral chapel in Biscay).


On leaving the neighbourhood of Ibarra you come across Bolunburu, a delightful recreational area next to the river Kadagua that has a car park and other services.

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Once there, as well as enjoying the coolness and the plant life in the area, there is another monumental site that is worth visiting: Casa-Torre de Bolunburu (15th centur), the private chapel of Santa Ana, and the ruins of the local ironworks.

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