• Bistro Guggenheim Bilbao Restaurante photo
  • Bistro Guggenheim Bilbao Restaurante photo
  • Bistro Guggenheim Bilbao Restaurante photo
  • Bistro Guggenheim Bilbao Restaurante photo


Speciality: Bistró Guggenheim Bilbao values ​​a style of free cuisine, linked to the roots, to the memory of those dishes that are part of a culture and that need to be adapted to an avant-garde context, without losing flavors or textures. Old recipes and sauces are the basis of our work, but refined, evolved and adapted for the general public, who are looking for tasty, healthy cuisine and an informal dining experience.

We offer: Menus for Groups and celebrations (Weddings, Baptisms, communions, company…). Ask us.

Essential: Have a drink on our terrace.

Known for: Great value for the price.

In three words: Vanguard, Gastronomy and service.

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