• Kiosko Museo Blue Bird Bar photo
  • Kiosko Museo Blue Bird Bar photo
  • Kiosko Museo Blue Bird Bar photo
  • Kiosko Museo Blue Bird Bar photo


Speciality: Breakfast, natural juices, lunch and snack based on sandwiches, sandwiches or salads.

We offer: Pieces of fruit, apples or bananas, homemade biscuits and fried almonds.

Essential: Cappuccino, coffee, natural apple, orange and carrot juice, sangrias, mojitos and gin and tonics.

Known for: Outdoor venue, terrace, we are located on the rear facade of the Guggenheim Museum and we blow up our space with a Jazz trio.

In three words: A free space, where customers feel anonymous.


Campa Ingleses, kiosko Abandoibarra, 2 (Bilbao)

We are here

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