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Bermeo is a town belonging to the district of Busturialdea. Located in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, it is the biggest town in the area with a population of over 17,000.

Tourism Office Lamera s/n 48370 / Tel 94 617 91 54
Day of San Juan 24 June
Day of La Magdalena 22 July
Patron saint festivities: ‘Andramaris’ 7 -16 September

It is one of the most colourful coastal towns in the province and is one of the main fishing ports in the area.

Its long-standing fishing tradition means that its economy is largely based on fishing and canning. Located on the lower slopes of Mount Sollube, Bermeo not only has a special aesthetic, the area around it has high cliffs and surprising views.

What to see in Bermeo? 

Bermeo stands out for its large number of tourist attractions in and around the town. Here is a list of all of them:

Old harbour of Bermeo

One of the most picturesque corners of Bermeo is its delightful old harbour, an area of narrow houses painted in a great variety of colours. There are several bars around the harbour, and it is here where the townspeople get together for drinks and snacks. Going down to the harbour at sunset and ending the day in the nearby bars with the local people can be a unique experience.

Torre Ercilla and the Fisherman’s Museum

The Torre Ercilla is a 15th-century noble house that exemplifies Basque mediaeval civic architecture. Built in the Gothic style, its façade still conserves defensive elements due to the function it carried out over many years: ensuring the security of the town.
Located in the higher part of the old harbour, Torre Ercilla is home to the Fishermen’s Museum, in honour of Basque fishermen (arrantzaleak) to show visitors the way of life and work of these highly representative figures of the town of Bermeo.

La Lechera

Enrique Zubia’s sculpture, created in 2010, pays tribute to the women who used to go down to the town from their farmhouses to distribute milk. These baserritarras (farmers) were accompanied by donkeys carrying the cans, and tied the animals up in a street very close to where the sculpture stands today.

Monument as a tribute to Benito Barrueta

Néstor Basterretxea’s sculpture in the picturesque Tala Park pays tribute to the painter Benito Barrueta. A curious and beautiful detail of this monument is that if you look at the landscape through the aperture you can see the island of Ízaro, which creates an excellent visual effect.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Less than 10 kilometres from Bermeo stands the spectacular chapel of  San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, well known for its interminable steps. Once you get to the top, however, there is a wonderful view over the Basque coast.

As a historical fishing town, Bermeo is still considered one of the main harbours on the Bay of Biscay.
The good value for money you will find in Bermeo makes an excursion to this coastal town an ideal and affordable option. If you are planning a weekend away or a few days in Bermeo, look in our pages Dónde comer y Dónde dormir en Bermeo to find the best options.

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