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Eight kilometres from Bilbao is Alonsotegi, a small village that marks the entry to the area of Las Encartaciones and a meeting point for trekking enthusiasts.

Useful information
Tourism Office Enkartur Tel.: 946 802 976 / email: info@enkartur.net
Festivities Dates
Festivities of San Antolín 2, 4, 5 and 6 September.
Festivities of Nuestra Señora de la Guía-Arbuio Second weekend of September.
Festivities of San Bartolomé 23 and 24 August.

The municipality is characterised by its steep slopes and is one of the highest villages in Biscay. The range of heights above sea level there is from 50 to 1,000 metres. From here you can access two of the most popular mountains in Biscay, Pagasarri and Ganekogorta.

What is there to see in Alonsotegi?

The Neveras (‘natural fridges’) of Mount Pagasarri

If you visit Alonsotegi, one of the things you really have to see are the neveras del Pagasarri. These ‘natural fridges’ date back to the days when snow was first sold in Biscay at the beginning of the 17th century. The fridges were built into the mountainsides to conserve and store snow during the winter.

Chapel of San Antolín and chapel of San Juan Bautista

The chapel of San Antolín is the most important artistic and historic site in the village. This 15th  century chapel is the most popular one in the municipality, although the chapel of St John the Baptist beats it in one respect: protected by a rock outcrop and covered with a small roof, it contains an altar with an icon of the saint, which is a copy of the original conserved in the Serbian Orthodox Church of Belgrade.

You can also walk through the village as far as the Iráuregui bridge in the shepherds’ neighbourhood of Artiba.

Trekking routes

The area around Alonsotegi offers a wide variety of trekking routes for nature lovers. Two routes stand out: the Ruta de las Minas y Sales (Mines and Salt Route) and the Ruta de Peñas Blancas (White Rocks Route).

The Ruta de las Minas y Sales follows a path along the slopes of the Ganekogorta mountain range. Along the way you can see old mines, thousand-year-old stones and fountains that evoke the past

The Ruta de Peñas Blancas follows old tracks that lead to the Sasiburu pass, from where you can enjoy impressive views of the Kadagua valley and El Regato.

Establishments nearby

Albokak Jatetxea

parque empresarial Arbuio, 11 (Alonsotegi)


1.45 km

Geltoki Bar

Plaza Andra Mari, 2 (Alonsotegi)

Bars and cafés

1.50 km

Cobetas Cervecera

Monte Cobetas, 40 (Bilbao)


1.79 km

Jesús Bar

Travesía Altube, 14 (Bilbao)

Bars and cafés

2.43 km

Biribildu Café

c/ Lezeaga, 11 (Bilbao)

Bars and cafés | Restaurants

2.53 km


Plaza Rekalde, 4 (Bilbao)

Bars and cafés

2.55 km

Pionero Bar

Auntzetxeta, 5 (Bilbao)

Bars and cafés

2.60 km

La Bolera Bar

Larrasquitu 8 (Bilbao)

Bars and cafés

2.60 km

Accommodation nearby

Bilbao Hostel

Ctra. Basurto-Kastresana, 70 (Bilbao)

2.79 km

Zenit Bilbao

Autonomía, 58 (Bilbao)

2.89 km

Ria de Bilbao

Ribera de Deusto, 32 (Bilbao)

3.01 km

San Mamés by Pillow

luis briñas, 15 (Bilbao)

3.03 km

Silken Indautxu

Plaza del Bombero Etxaniz, s/n (Bilbao)

3.08 km

Vista Alegre

Pablo Picasso, 13 (Bilbao)

3.11 km

Zabalburu Photo

Pedro Martínez Artola, 8 (Bilbao)

3.14 km

Ibis Bilbao Centro

General Concha, 28 (Bilbao)

3.18 km

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